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About Us

paulsteeleFormer lawyer, now Law Firm Consultant, Paul Steele, has years of experience in the New Zealand Legal Industry. He practised in Commercial and Property Law before embarking on a career with the principal legal publishers, then establishing his consultancy Law Tune-Up in 2007.

“I couldn’t count the number of times I have heard Lawyers and Practice Managers identifying precedent management as a really thorny issue and one that dragged heavily on practice efficiency and profitability.” says Paul.

But what to do?

“It occurred to me that the solution couldn’t be the creation or perfection of a system for each practice, because most simply were not geared up for that. Further no firm would completely restrict itself to a third party system because there are always variables, niche practice areas and Intellectual Property that has gone into documentation that has particular or sensitive value. Another issue was keeping any precedent system up to date.”

So the idea behind Order of Precedents was born around creating a system that allowed Law Practices to develop and maintain their precedent system through usage over time.

“With Order of Precedents there is no end point. Your precedent system will develop continually over time so there is no need to have massive one off reviews that need to be repeated when someone decides a review is necessary.”

stevengardnerProviding technical expertise and support is Steven Gardner.

With a background in web development and customer service, he is tasked with the delivery and installation of the system and managing the support services that are around the product.