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Key Features

Order of Precedents is a single repository for all of your precedents, opinions etc. It is a standalone system and it is easy to use. It leverages the value of each precedent by recording the use of precedents for orderly management. One key idea is to surface the best documents for each need so you don’t have to spend time looking for the best document.

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Great Support

We believe that Order of Precedents will become a big part of your business.

To help with that, we provide great support to you and your staff. Whether it be by telephone, submitting an online support request with our helpdesk or utilising our knowledgebase of common questions and answers.

We are there to help you make the most of Order of Precedents

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Precedent Management

Cutting edge technology providing ORDER in the ongoing management of Precedents for Lawyers and Law Practices.


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An Evolution in Precedent Management

Providing an efficient and innovative way to organise and manage your precedents. Get in touch with us to find out how!

Precedent Management Improve Office Efficiency

A single precedent repository, and it sits in an intranet environment on your server so it’s secure to your practice.Read More >

Protect Your IP Protect your valuable ideas and documents

Information is valuable and so is your time. Order of Precedents can help leverage your IP and protect it’s use.Read More >

Book Your Demo Let us show you how it will work for you

As every firm or practice is different, we can show you how Order of Precedents can improve your business. Contact us for a demonstration.Read More >

OP makes it so easy

“I’ve certainly enjoying using OP, makes it so easy to find precedents with just a small commitment of time needed to get them in there.” Lisa Steffensen   Registered Legal Executive, RMY Legal, New Plymouth

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