Solving Precedent Issues

Check out if you think your firm needs help and see how Order of Precedents is designed to overcome the issues.


The possible issues If it’s an issue for you, how Order of Precedents (“OP”) solves it.
Precedents are in many places, both computers/servers and possibly also in paper version only sitting in filing cabinets, cupboards etc.greenrightOP become the sole repository for all the practice’s Precedents and opinions so they become easy to find and this encourages users to scan and upload those valuable documents that have been hidden away
People in the firm use a variety of precedents and it may be hit and miss as to which document might be used across the firm.greenrightOP identifies the use of all precedents and enables you to achieve uniformity of use where appropriate. Precedents that are heavily used can then be edited or templated and endorsed as the preferred option by the Practice.
People don’t always share their precedents with others.greenrightOP makes sharing valuable documents and information simple and OP’s reporting system identifies how users are contributing to and using the system for the benefit of the whole Practice
There may be several versions of quite standard documents that are being produced.This can have a big impact on future work especially where there is an opportunity to systematise the type of work. A good example is Family Trusts annual meetings and resolutions. If the firm has multiple versions of Family Trusts deeds this may mean customising procedures and reducing profitability for this type of fee earning work.greenrightOP provides usage data which helps you identify the precedents that are being used, by whom, and reduces the effort required in selecting one or more preferred documents for Practice endorsement.
You cannot find what you are looking for.greenrightOP has a categorisation system that makes it straightforward in finding what you want. OP also has an advanced search capability that allows you to find specific content in documents. If you prefer to browse through a filtered contents list or search then OP caters for both methods.
“We have tried to create order in our precedents on and off for years but can’t seem to crack it because people are too busy or it’s too hard to get agreement.”greenrightOP provides the platform for this common problem to be solved and for as long as you run it.
You don’t know when some documents were created or edited. “From a risk management perspective this has always been a concern in the Practice – for example we may have inadvertently sent out a document with prior transaction data still in it.”greenrightOP allows for the recording of this information and identifies in particular whether a precedent has been edited or not. That provides an alert to check for prior transaction information that may need to be deleted or changed.
You don’t know how much time and effort has gone into creating or amending an existing precedents.greenrightOP allows for the recording of time and stores author’s chargeable rates. This information is then available to users to take into account in future billing.
It can be hard to find out about how a particular precedent was created contextually – for example what were the circumstances? , was there a preference for one party over the other? etcgreenrightOP allows for the recording of data around these issues and also for comments trails to be included so that future users can identify important characteristics of the precedent.
“Sometimes people just remember the last client file where a document needed to be created. This has meant editing issues, and even important clauses that may have been taken out of the prior document because of particular circumstances. “greenrightOP is the hub so this will not happen.
“We created a system some time ago but it wasn’t kept up to date and more or less lapsed back into people doing their own thing.”greenrightOP changes procedure because it is a continually used system. There is no longer a snapshot approach to precedents but a new method that avoids periodic reviews and work that is otherwise onerous and never resolves the issue of maintenance satisfactorily.
“We don’t know which precedents are preferred because we don’t have usage information.”greenrightOP provides usage information so its simple to identify preferences
“We don’t have a strong sharing culture and people tend to do their own thing.”greenrightOP provides the platform for this to change with the benefit that the firm becomes not only more efficient but also reduces exposure to risk.